What to do in an Accident with Your Food Truck

Although you’re mobile, there are so many other things to worry about with starting your food truck business that getting into an accident may be your last concern. Have no fear, though. We’ve compiled a checklist for your mobile food stand in the event of an accident. Since you may be shaken up from the accident, carry a copy of the following list in your food truck’sglove compartment so that you can get all the information…

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2013: Food Trucks

Andrew Zimmern, “Bizarre Foods” TV personality, hosted the food truck rally day at this year’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami. He reports, a little exaggeratedly, that mobile food has been around “since before the time of Christ” – just not in the fashion that we currently know of it. Though it hasn’t been in a form with the 8, 16 or 4-wheel see today, Zimmern says that the mobile food industry has…

Is Your Food Truck Business Capitalizing on Social Media?

Is Your Food Truck Business Capitalizing on Social Media? March 21, 2013 What social media channels is your food truck actively using? Do you know how these channels are affecting your business’s sales and customer base? If so, we hope the answer is positive. The best thing about social media is that it’s free and all of the best channels have built in users – or customers, to you – which mean the hard part…

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